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Ulema preserving Buginese Lontara wisdom

Ulema preserving Buginese Lontara wisdom
Buginese people have dominated in South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and  Central Sulawesi. Even the Bugis tribe has also spread to regions across the  country (Nusantara). In the Buginese tradition, the Anregurutte title is like the  title of Professor in the academic world. If people outside South Sulawesi  hear one naming Anregurutta to a figure, the figure is categorized as a  respected ulema. Anregurutta has a high social status and respected position  in the eyes of Buginese.

The giving of the Anregurutta title is not an academic degree award. Rather, it  is such a recognition from people over his broad knowledge, devotion and  services in preaching Islamic teachings. Not all teaching religious subjects  are called Anregurutta. It is once again based on his broad of knowledge. In  addition, the Buginese people have also believed in miracle acts possessed  by those who are called as Anregurutta in which the miracle acts called  makarama in Buginese language.<>

Preachers for instance, there have been some of them called as ustadz,  namely those who deliver a speech or sermon to people. But they are not yet  able to position themselves a reference for public to ask many things  including religious matters. While the position of Anregurutta is considered as  such a public reference being able to deal with various religious problems in  particular and social problems in general. Ustadz is well-known enough in  small social groups like majelis taklim (religious gatherings) and public  sermons.

One of the figures preaching Islamic teachings in Bugis land and is given an  Anregurutta title is Anregurutta Haji (AGH) Daud Ismail. AGH Daud Ismail is a  prominent ulema in South Sulawesi for playing important roles in  disseminating Islamic teachings in the region. He is one of the founding  fathers establishing the Darud Da'wah wal Irsyad (DDI) along with the late  AGH Abdurrahman Ambo Dalle, AGH Muhammad Abduh Pabbajah and  scores of Sunni ulema from South Sulawesi. Gurutta Daud Ismail is also  recognized as expert in Qur'anic exegesis and has even made a translation of  the 30-juzz Qur'an into Buginese language.

He was born in Cenrana Lalabata subdistrict Soppeng regency in 1907 and of a married couple H. Islamil and Hj. Pompola. Daud Ismail started his study at home. He started studying the Qur'an to his parents and then continued his study to Islamic baording schools (pesantren) in Sengkang. From studying in the pesantren, the Gurutta had many teachers from ulema circles in Sengkang.

Daud Islamic was an autodidact. Since his childhood he had been familiar with Lontara and Latin scripts. Nevertheless, he ever studied under the supervision of many teachers in either Soppeng (Soppeng regency) or Soppeng Riaja (Barru regency), South Sulawesi.

From 1925 to 1929, Duad Islamil studied qawaid in Lapasu Soppeng Riaja, positioned 10 km away from Mangkoso, 40 km from Pare-Pare town. There, he studied to a prominent ulema named Haji DAENG. In the meantime, Daud Islamil also studied to a jurist in Soppeng Riaja, H. Kittab.

After Anregurutta H. Muhammad As'ad returned from the Holy City and founded Pesantren Bugis in Sengkang in 1927 so-called Al Madrasatul Arabiyah Al Islamiyah (MAI), in 1930 Daud Islamil returned to Sengkang to study to Anreguretta H.M. As'ad and was a santri of the second period after H. Abdurahman Ambo Dalle.

MAI is one of the oldest educational institutions popular in South Sulawesi. MAI Sengkang Wajo was established in Zulkaidah 1348 H or in May 1930 by Anregurutta As'ad that returned form Mecca in 1928 after finishing studying at Madrasah Al Falah, Mecca. Initially, MAI Sengkang Wajo was just pesantren gatherings held in the Anregurutta As'ad home. Following the increasing number of santri, the place of the gatherings was later moved to Sengkang Grand Mosque.

As long as he studied in Sengkang, Daud Islamil felt that he got progress especially in mastering religious subjects such as qawaid, arudh, ushul fiqih, mantiq and so on. All this was due to the method of teaching applied by Gurutta H.M. As'ad was considerably better than that he had got before. According to Daud Ismail the method made santri capable of quickly mastering any subject taught.

One of the Daud Islamil's deepest impressions to Anregurutta As'ad is when his teacher taught the Arudh subject after Isya' prayer till later into the night. Surprisingly, Gurutta Daud Islamil was only taught the Arudh subject for a night. In the following morning, he was given books to be studied by himself.




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