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Rais Aam: Blessings hard to get due to fake news and hoaxes

Senin 3 Desember 2018 11:05 WIB
Rais Aam: Blessings hard to get due to fake news and hoaxes
Rais Aam
Kebumen, NU Online
The supreme leader (Rais Aam) of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) KH Miftachul Akhyar said that ulema (Muslim scholars) are the bearers of blessings. However, nowadays the blessings are a rare and hard-to-obtain matter due to, among others, emerging fake news or hoaxes.

"At present, the blessings are not very comfortable in our midst and are not so friendly with us. Those who are now looking for blessings are difficult, because today's situation is unpredictable, truth is considered wrong, (what is) wrong is considered right, opinion games are everywhere, fake news are everywhere," said Kiai Miftach at the inauguration of Kebumen's chapter of NU, Central Java, Sunday (2/12).

According to the leader of Surabaya's Miftachus Sunnah Islamic Boarding School, the blessings that can still be expected are through such events as the so-called maulid nabi, haul, and religious gathering.

"Such events are commonly held in the form of lailatud dzikra, maulidir rasul, dzikrul haul, religious gathering, including tonight's inauguration at once because this is a series of maulidir rassulilah sallallahu alaihi wasallam and the blessing is there," he said.

He called on the attendees to take a lesson from the duty of Prophet Muhammad in make blessings evenly distributed, blessings of life, age or others. (Husni Sahal/Masdar)
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