Ansor Tegal promotes peaceful Islam

Sel, 28 Mei 2019 | 03:09 WIB

Tegal, NU Online
The Chairman of Ansor Youth Movement, Tegal, Central Java, Didi Permana, said that that one of the reasons behind the formation of Ansor was the encouragement of love for the NKRI (the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia). As a consequence, the Banser must take a position in the forefront in fighting against those willing to undermine the NKRI.

"That is for sure. In a number of cases or events that could potentially undermine NKRI, Banser has always appeared at the front guard," he said when delivering a speech in the establishment of Ansor board in Kalisoka Village, Dukuhwaru Subdistrict, Tegal, Central Java.

At the event held at Ki Ageng Hanggawana Mosque Hall Kalisoka Tegal, Sunday (26/5), he added, nowadays Indonesia had been haunted by the emergence of radical movements that have the potential to divide the integrity of the NKRI. For that, he said, Ansor should not remain silent, but must move to make people aware of so-called Islam Rahmatan lil Alamin.

"When Islam that is peacefuland rahmatan lil alamin was received correctly by the community, so radical movements that are far from peaceful and cool Islam, by themselves are salable," he explained.

Meanwhile, Rais Syuriyah NU Kalisoka, KH Badruzzaman hoped that the Nahdliyin (NU followers) would unite to get stronger. If the Nahdliyin are united, he said, of course NU would have tremendous strength.

"We must not escape from the corridor of the Ahlussunah wal Jamaah Annahdliyyah (Aswaja). As long as we hold it, God willing, we will save in the world and in the hereafter," he said

The head of Kalisoka village Ahmad did welcome the formation of the management of the Ansor Kalisoka, hoping the Ansor could synergize with the village administration.

"We fully support the GP Ansor. With new enthusiasm, Ansor in the future can contribute positively in building our young generation," he hoped.

Present on the occasion were the Ansor board members of Kalisoka Village, the chairman of Ansor Tegal, Ansor board members of Dukuhwaru. (Nurkhasan/Masdar).